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First Ocean Plus Shipping & Logistics is the best freight forwarding company by Far

My pleasure to welcome you to First Ocean Plus Company Ltd, one of the giants in Logistics Services in the sub region since its inception in……….

With par excellence we deliver across the Globe services related to Customs Clearing, Warehousing, Unipass Declaration, Haulage or Transport and Consolidation.

We always aspire to meet beyond the expectation of our clients which are easily verifiable.

In order to keeping with fast changing trends in current business environment, we constantly seek future growth to enhance our corporate values.

In addition to fulfilling our corporate responsibilities, our vibrant employees continue to focus all our resources to provide professional services to meet the need of our clients.

In sum, we would like to ask for your patronage to bring to bear our expertise to your door step irrespective of your need.


Reliability & Efficiency

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One Stop Solution for All Type of Freight

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