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Journey Started With a Single Truck.

With the internal drive to build something from nothing, First Ocean Plus Shipping & Logistics was determined to improve freight forwarding in the world .

Starting in 2004 with a single truck hauling furniture into the city of  Accra it was not long before we established a presence and reputation in Ghana & Africa west as a reliable and well-rounded regional carrier.

Today, First Ocean plus shipping & logistics boasts an impressive shipping 7 logistics

“From one truck to over 64 with multiple locations, the company has seen considerable growth over the last 5 years and will continue to strive for higher revenue infliction points.

First ocean plus shipping & logistics is said to be one one of   the  fast growing freight forwarding companies in the world

Covid-19 is a much more modern hurdle many companies have had to overcome, but for First ocean plus shipping & logistics, it was all about getting over the initial shock of the pandemic and getting a handle on protocols and how to keep their employees safe.


One of those core strengths is First ocean plus shipping & logistics is the ability to adapt to its customers’ needs. In as competitive a market as the shipping industry

“A special thank you to our drivers and employees for working hard every day as an essential service provider during these unprecedented times

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