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First Ocean Plus Shipping & Logistics (Trends in freight , haulage & transportation)

For logistics to be efficient, We often require a combination of transport options. Our transportation and haulaging are designed to get your goods to their final destination in a shorter time. Transportation is a key partner to ocean freight and with First Ocean Plus Shipping & Logistics, you get access to a range of quality intermodal services. We find the right transport mode for your cargo from point to destination ,and it is surely delivered on time
“ Freight trucking is a flexible end-to-end service, ideal for delivering containers over short to long distances across various geographic areas ”.

Seamless transparency

Get a complete overview across the whole process of your shipments.

With us, a word is a word

A close collaboration between the individual companies and a flat organizational structure in each company means that we have been able to delegate decision-making competence directly to the employees our customers talk to.

This means that you can count on what we have agreed to be what you get delivered – or rather that your customers get their goods delivered exactly as we have agreed with you.

Reliable service

Direct access to assets such as vessels allows more reliability and flexibility as we move your cargo.



First Ocean Plus Shipping & Logistics

One Stop Solution for All Type of Freight

No matter what you need to have transported, how it should be transported ,First Ocean Plus Shipping & Logistics  can find the right transport solution for you.
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